The review for this site seems to be pretty accurate

The review <a href=""><img src="" alt=""></a> for this site seems to be pretty accurate

They still claimed that they did not delete my profile

I heard some good things like a 79% hook up rate etc. so decided to try. I went to the site and they do offer a daily trial or a 3 day trial. You also have to cancel 24 hours before your membership ends, and send written notice at least 3 days before it ends to avoid autobilling. How can you do that if you only sign up for a 24 hour trial or a 3 day trial? As stated, as soon as put in your information, before you add pictures, or any information you start receiving messages from “women” who want to chat or want more pictures, or just want to meet, etc. The review is correct – why would anyone want to meet if they no nothing about you and haven’t seen any photos. As far as photos are concerned, I read in the comments that some people are saying their photo showed up there and they didn’t give permisison. Actually, you might have and not realized it. Unfortunately, most people don’t read them and you might be surprised at some of the things you are agreeing to if you actually do read them.

Anyways, I thought I might try it, but before I could fill out anything all of a sudden there are about 25 requests for chats, meets, more photos, etc. They say they don’t create fake profiles, but do say they have members contact you to stimulate interest and to be sure the site is working, and as noted these are paid employees of the company that you will never meet even if they list an address close to you. I first uploaded a picture. It said it was uploaded correctly. I then chose one of my face (knowing that could be dangerous) and it too said it was uploaded correctly. Of course then they picked the one they wanted as my main photo and I couldn’t change it.

Then they told me that violated their TOS (it didn’t). They deleted it, didn’t send it back to me and put my other as the main one. I chose to fill out the profile and now there are about 50 women who have looked at my profile, requested more photos, want to chat, etc. So while you decide, you keep getting more and more messages and most guys and a lot of women will be curious enough to go ahead. I wasn’t. I actually had to leave and when I came back a few hours later, my face photo was gone and the description in my profile was gone also.

Of course as mentioned in the main review here, you can’t answer a message, view a profile, open a chat, use a webcam or do anything else until you pay

I wrote to them and they told me that my photos violated the terms of service. They didn’t. They wouldn’t say how they were a violation. They also told me that they had no record of staff deleting my descriptions in the profile. I wrote again, and highlighted the photo requirements to show that I was not in violation. They wrote back with the same message that I was in violation so my photos were removed. Well someone did, and it wasn’t me. I wrote one more time and said if they were not going to say exactly how I was in violation, wouldn’t return them, and wouldn’t repost my profile I was not going to pay them a dime.

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