Their mountaine are fowerteene kilometers much time, and you may almost seven kilometers wider

Their mountaine are fowerteene kilometers much time, and you may almost seven kilometers wider

The fresh new population is actually wealthier and a little better apparelled then they off other mountaines, & possesse high shop out-of horses. Corne they yeeldeth by the bucket load : neither are the anybody constrained to invest any higher tribute, because of the reasoning out-of a great certaine holy man tucked at Bedis, and you will borne vpon this mountaine.169 Out of attach Beni Chelid.

Vpon this mountaine dwelleth one to entitled Sidi Heli Berrased, getting lord ouer of several mountaines

Y so it mountaine lieth the fresh high means off Bedis so you can Fez. It’s a beneficial verie cold lay, and you will containeth higher store of timber and you can fountaines. They yeeldeth zero corne, however, vines onely. The new society being subiect to the gouernour out of Bedis, is by the reason of continuall exactions therefore impouerished, that they’re faine to help you deprive and you will steale due to their liuing.160

Out of attach Beni Mansor. His mountaine extendeth 7 kilometers, status an enthusiastic equall range throughout the ocean with the mountaines aforesaid. The new people was valiant and you will stout anyone, but way too much dependent on drunkennes. Wines it haue high store, and you will however, little corne. The lady keepe goates and spinne vpon the latest distaffe one another at the onetime : great majority regarding exactly who doesn’t reject brand new dishonest providers of any child.161 Of install Beni Ioseph. He duration of so it mountaine are twelue miles, therefore the bredth regarding the eight kilometers. This new population is poore, and you can basely apparelled : neither haue it any corne however, panicke, whereof they make blacke and most vnsauorie dough. It liue in addition to vpon onions, and garlike. Its fountaines are verie muddie. They haue high shop out of goates, new milke whereof it keepe because a many beloved thing.102 From attach Beni Zaruol. Pon this mountaine are fantastic shop out of vines, oliues, or other fruites. This new society are poore unhappy people, being subiect on gouernour from Seusaoen, which exacteth so great tribute in the their handes, that every that they normally abrasion and also have from the mountaine have a tendency to rarely maintaine them. Euery weeke it haue a n.arket, wherein you’ll find nothing is solde, however, onely dehydrated figs, raisins, and you can oile. While doing so it vse so you’re able to kill the hee and you may shee goats, whose skin is so vnsauorie, so it can’t be used, vnlesse it is fried.163

Out-of mount Bent Razin. Their mountaine bordereth vpon the latest Mediterran ocean, maybe not farre regarding Terga. The brand new people liue a safe and you will lovely lifetime; for the mountaine is impregnable, and

The new society of your villages from the plus the foresaid mountaines, is actually without all the income tax and you can tribute, bicause it serue vnder the captaine also for horsemen just like the to have footemen

aboundeth with kinde away from graine, neither will they be limited to expend one tribute after all. It haue in addition a beneficial plentie away from oliues and you can wines ; and their ground are exceeding fruitfull, especially vpon the medial side of mountaine. Its female partly keepe goates, and you may partly before floor.164 Regarding mount Seusaoen. Let me reveal zero mountaine in every Africa to possess pleasant problem similar to this : hereon standeth a towne populated with all of kinde off artificers and you will merchants. So it Sidi Heli produced some ciuilitie to the which mountaine, rebelled against the queen of Fez, and you will managed continuall warre against the Portugals. Corne heere groweth short shop, but high plentie out of flaxe. You will find high woods, and several fountaines vpon which mountain: additionally the inhabitants go all decently apparelled.165

Their mountaine is really steepe, as well as good woonderfull level, out of the foote whereof spring season certaine riuers. Vines and figges here are high shop, however, no corne after all: together with people weare extremely base clothes. They haue abundance out-of goats, & oxen of therefore little a prominence, that a guy perform grab these to end up being calues from half a yeere olde. Euery weeke it haue market, getting provided with not too many commodities. Hither doe the latest resellers from Fez resort, together with muletters or carriers, and that conueie fresh fruit out of this mountaine vnto Fez. In times past it had been subiect vnto a great certaine prince away from this new queen out of Fez their

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