For each and every choices can lead to another type of epilogue objective, providing you a feeling of the consequences of the methods

For each and every choices can lead to another type of epilogue objective, providing you a feeling of the consequences of the methods

Finishing Panam’s questline can get gotten your during the a good to your Aldecaldos, allowing you to call-in a prefer and also copy from new Nomads to battle your way to the Arasaka Tower. You’ll purchase a bunch of time with the Aldecaldos on this subject you to around the numerous missions, with many more tale beats whenever you are along with when you look at the an intimate experience of Panam.

Throughout a number of missions, you’ll be able to eventually fight towards Arasaka and acquire the right path on the Mikoshi, with the aid of Alt Cunningham. If you get so you can Mikoshi, you will have various other solutions you to determines the new end: Venture into The net having Alt and enable Johnny when deciding to take more the body, or return to the body and face an unclear future. If you undertake to possess V to go back to his human body, you will get new All Along side Watchtower epilogue, that heavily function brand new Aldecaldos. In the event that Johnny requires the human body, you’ll see the Dawn Goes out epilogue.

Rogue’s Raid

Johnny have plans of his or her own: You are taking Misty’s tablets, offer Johnny control of one’s body, and you will let your raid Arasaka Tower same as the guy did fifty age earlier. Johnny’s plan is to try to contact Rogue and blast straight into new tower. You’ll be able to team up which have another mercenary, Weyland, who’ll compliment you for the tower. When you come, Weyland will get themselves towards the dilemmas, and if you are going immediately after him tend to affect how the fresh goal performs aside.

At some point, you’re going to get to Mikoshi, so when into Panam stop, it is possible to deal with an alternative: send Johnny for the Cyberspace and you can return V to their muscles, otherwise allow Johnny to take you while V brains to The world-wide-web. When the Johnny requires you, you will notice the new Start Fades epilogue, identical to towards Panam highway. In the event the V yields so you’re able to his system, he will end up being every night Area legend regarding Roadway out of Glory epilogue.

Highway out-of Minimum Resistance

There clearly was you to conclude that enables you to skip most of the finale missions, if you prefer, and you may choose to prevent V’s excursion instead of undermine someone else. When you visit new roof out of Misty’s building and come up with your choice, pick one of one’s three options–however purchase the option, “You may simply set this so you’re able to people.”

Since you possess thought, on that path, V find to not ever strive his future, opting instead to finish one thing versus ever before attempting at Arasaka Tower and you may deleting the fresh biochip. Alternatively, he closes their lifestyle together with his handgun, delivering your straight to the conclusion credit and a series of messages away from emails you interacted having. Obtained every read how it happened to help you V while having its individuals feedback on which happened, which includes making particular very good items about precisely how the choice has already established effects beyond that which you possess noticed.

The secret Finish

There is one more finish you can unlock, called Try not to Worry The newest Reaper, but it’s tough to get a hold of and you may more difficult accomplish. It conclude need you to definitely enjoys a solidly positive relationship with Johnny and gives your a chance to physical violence Arasaka Tower instead of risking this new existence regarding anybody else–placing your at the a significant disadvantage. While the Johnny notes, it’s fundamentally a committing suicide work at, and it is many explicit endgame means readily available.

Locate accessibility so it end, you must make particular dialogue solutions at a button second from inside the Chippin’ During the top mission. We an entire details less than.

Unlocking The trick Stop

  • Undertake the brand new Johnny-concentrated front side objective Chippin’ Inside the.
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