That it counterrevolutionary category grabbed the latest agencies of Cuban counterintelligence getting agencies of the interior counterrevolution

That it counterrevolutionary category grabbed the latest agencies of Cuban counterintelligence getting agencies of the interior counterrevolution

Yet not, the Americans do not but really remember that new opposition of the counterrevolutionaries within the Escambray could have been damaged and you may clearing operations are going on to liquidate the person quick groups which have zero army characteristics

A day later, twenty-five February, Kudryavtsev exposed to Fidel Castro, who, in the midst of a conversation on various topics, examined the possibilities of an effective United states-supported input, and conveyed good count on inside the Cuba’s ability to rebuff any such invasion–particularly since it had already been successful in the crushing this new resistance in the the brand new Escambray slopes and possess intercepted airdrops out of possession and you can provides meant for him or her. Castro together with alluded to help you alleged Vatican assistance to possess such as for instance an invasion, foreshadowing this new crackdown to your Catholic Chapel he would demand once this new Bay of Pigs getting got surface.

[Source: AVP RF, F. 0104. Op. 17, P. 118, D. step 3. ll. 98-108. Acquired of the James G. Hershberg and you may translated from the Gary Goldberg. Available during the

Fidel Castro proclaimed that, inside the view, it was possible you to in these days a hit might be from the new pushes of outside counterrevolution on Kennedy’s order. Into the one hand, the latest has just enhanced losing off Western weapons of flights and their supply to the small vessels on Minnesota sugar daddy the beaches off Cuba informs away from that it. Such as for example, towards twenty four March in the area of the fresh new state off Pinar del Rio agents away from Cuban counterintelligence obtained an enormous batch away from guns away from a good counterrevolutionary classification from the You in the great outdoors sea, and additionally brief job firearms [pushki].

Fidel Castro proceeded, guidance comes to united states that Vatican try driving Kennedy to work up against Cuba more readily. It is known that the Vatican is getting large and you will effective arrangements from the places off Latin America, selecting the agreement of governments ones countries to possess good condemnation of your own Cuban bodies and you can a busting of diplomatic interactions involved. In latest days the newest frontrunners of NSP [ed. note: probably PSP, getting “Well-known Socialist Group,” the brand new professional-Moscow Cuban communist group] has experienced particular information appearing the newest plans from counterrevolutionary physical violence communities to cruise regarding Guatemala, Florida, and you will Costa Rica. In the end, Cuban counterintelligence has just found many a little high counterrevolutionary communities that have been grabbed, particularly regarding the provinces regarding Oriente, Matanzas, and Pinar del Rio. About statements ones detained it observe the counterrevolutionary communities was preparing to operate from the cutting edge government in the period away from twenty-eight February courtesy 8 March. It acquired your order regarding eg measures in the Us.

Fidel Castro said, Kennedy and also the additional counterrevolution try placing unjustified hopes on the counterrevolutionary way regarding the mountains off Escambray. More 29 counterrevolutionaries was killed in the conflicts and more than 300 counterrevolutionaries was pulled prisoner. Here remained only a tiny class regarding east element of Escambray and is liquidated in the near future.

In about a similar several months guns were dropped by parachute for the lots of provinces, specifically in Oriente, Las Houses, and you will Pinar del Rio – into the areas where counterrevolutionary groups is obviously discover, according to pointers of your exterior counterrevolution

Fidel Castro went on, it seems in my opinion one Kennedy believes this is actually the most appropriate moment getting landing counterrevolutionaries, convinced that the latest pushes of Cuban military in addition to mans troops are filled into the Escambray right now and that consequently we simply cannot deal with the fresh landing activities if they are arrived at the enough activities of the country. Although not, Kennedy try profoundly misleading. His intend to seize part of Cuban territory and construct good puppet regulators is doomed to help you fail. The fresh new Cuban government keeps carefully happy to repel hostility, and Escambray usually do not now steer clear of the Cuban military off acting swiftly and proficiently. The safety and you may defense of your east coastline of Cuba provides been reinforced together with garrisons to the Isle from Pines has actually become much more reinforced. Fidel Castro stressed, I am more than believing that today the new counterrevolutionaries doesn’t manage safer an effective foothold even into the Isle out of Pines, aside from Cuba by itself.

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