Little wonder that in the States and in Canada TV , magazines and newspapers put a right hand spin on everything

Little wonder that in the States and in Canada TV , magazines and newspapers put a right hand spin on everything

AS OF THE END OF THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES IN THE US PRIMARIES HAVE RAISED $ 250 MILLION – It has all been spent and mostly with the media. The attitude of media moguls is, if you have money then we’ll let you can say whatever you wish no matter how outrageous or how distant from the truth. Can you imagine how many people could be pulled out of poverty with $ 250 million. But it is a human gesture too far for the right / white / rich / greedy 20%. Thinking of the plight of less fortunate people is beyond the ability of the ubermen / women.

The Guelph Returning Officer set up a special polling station at the University of Guelph in 2011 to allow students to vote

MY FIX ON THE ROBO CALLS – This attempt of voter suppression on the part of the Conservatives will prove to be the biggest election scandal in Canadian history. Since this news broke it is interesting that 90% of the Canadian media is trying to soft pedal this theft of an election. The many shills who are now labouring for Harper are trying to muddy the waters and to misinform. I call into question their commitment to Canada. In two World Wars far too many gave their live to preseve our freedom. Which the right is trying to take away. We have people who are prepared to sell their Country out for money. The center of the Robo Calls scandal seems to be Guelph. You have read all of the details but there are a few things which I find interesting that are not covered in the media.

Such Officers are appointed for ten year terms and are charged with ensuring integrity and honesty are uppermost in the election process

In the past each riding had a Progressive Conservative Association which had a paid membership. These were the people who qualified to elect an executive and every few years nominate a PC candidate. That candidate was the official flag bearer for the Party in the riding. Such a candidacy then had an official link to elections Canada under strict conditions. Any illegal / improper action taken once this link was established could nulify the election process. In the 2008 election in Guelph the vote count was Lib. In 2011 the count was Lib. Prior to election day there was balloting at the University of Guelph facilitated by the Returning Officer.

They have great latitude. This is the third time this had been done. Harper’s people had a lawyer send a letter to Elections Canada claiming the poll was illegal. Yet another attempt to intimidate elections Canada. Earlier students had been refused entry at a Harper rally in Guelph. As can be seen in 2008 the Conservative were within 1700 votes of the Liberals. This would mean that the riding would have been targeted for dirty Republican tricks. Apparently Conservative representatives were refused entry to the University poll. However Michael Sona barged in during the election and tried to grab the ballot box. Sona should have been charged under the Election Act for his conduct.

It was a foolish move on the part of one of the Harper Youth because it enraged online payday loans in RI Guelph voters. True to form the larger media did not cover this story in depth but locally it set the woods on fire. I would guess the conversations at the drug store and exchanges on the net made everyone in Guelph aware of the fascist games Harper was playing. It would have been clear that although Burke’s prospects seemed good the mishandling of the campaign at the rallies and at the University had set things back for the Conservatives. Since the American operatives had already been hired by Harper to conduct the Robo Calls Guelph was obviously scheduled to get a more concentrated treatment. This is why Guelph sticks out in this scandal.

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