Due to their other personalities, it apparently strive the most from the newest Fighters

Due to their other personalities, it apparently strive the most from the newest Fighters

Masaru Daimon

Because of their common love to possess Monaca, they may have competed on her approval as well. Nagisa are often sick and tired of Masaru’s arrogance and you will childishness, especially due to the fact a true frontrunner can be even more very humble and you may dignified.

One line about certified artbook implies that in earlier times, Masaru had a habit to ask Nagisa to accomplish their homework for your.

Just after Masaru’s overcome, Nagisa refused to deal with their death because the fact and you will made an effort to persuade the rest to transmit away a relief to possess your, implying that he can get admit him as the a buddy.

Jataro Kemuri

No matter if Nagisa mainly ignores Jataro and that’s annoyed by his ramblings, he doesn’t seem to harbor a similar style of hate to own your your others would and then he truly cared in the your, same as he cared on the Fighters. A bonus CG toward extremely end of games shows an excellent maskless Jataro carrying tightly so you can Nagisa’s sleeve. This could mean that Jataro notices Nagisa as the a comforting figure.

Regarding specialized artbook, Nagisa says to Jataro which he is always to strive merely on Devil Bing search online game, perhaps not having himself. It is apparently legitimate recommendations and term of concern.

Kotoko Utsugi

Kotoko did actually have some enjoy getting Nagisa, that is “thus sheer” and considers other people. However, she try a little while frustrated by his strictness.

After throughout the online game, Nagisa directly steps in to intervene when he notices Komaru and you can Toko “ganging on her”. When Kotoko attempts to realize your on the his mission to help you companion the 2 lady, the guy concludes her – at some point trying cover the woman off Monaca’s wrath.

One line regarding the specialized artbook means Nagisa envision Kotoko and you will Monaca was such close friends, demonstrably unaware of one’s true character of the matchmaking, and he acknowledged this lady to have providing Monaca organization.

Junko Enoshima

Nagisa, such as the most other five, have an alternate value and you may fascination with Junko. She prevented its joint-suicide by means of jumping-off the brand new basic school’s rooftop and you will sure them to not merely eliminate the source of the despair, their mothers, however, to help make a paradise for the children from the murdering all of the grownups. He means the girl since the huge cousin Junko.

Nagisa publicly refers to themselves since Junko’s “property”, and you can claims which he cannot proper care whether or not she made use of him or not as the Junko got ultimately considering your a reason to live on.


  • “I’m called Nagisa Shingetsu. On the Fighters off Promise, We try to be the latest vice commander and Sage. Once i attended basic college or university, I happened to be also known as Li’l Best Public Degree. Without a doubt, Public Knowledge is just one part of my assistance. We do well at all scholarly activities. I became branded Li’l instant payday loans Cooper City, FL Ultimate Personal Education since I happened to be raised is certainly society’s top-notch. And you can. I guess I am a baby-sitter regarding forms with the Fighters from Hope. Monaca excluded.”
  • “Seeking definition on the worthless is for people. Children are untainted because of the including futility.”
  • “The we need was a peaceful eden… In which children is alive rather than fear.”
  • “D-Avoid being foolish! That’s not real! I am going to be a child up to We die! I would personally alternatively die now than just getting a grown-up! Not believe me?”
  • “Ganging up and abusing a young child. It is like a new skill whatever you people has actually. All of the we truly need is actually a quiet heaven. Where college students can be alive in place of worry. There isn’t any most other alternatives. We should instead destroy him or her. When we let them alive, our very own eden would-be undone. Of course that occurs, i will be compelled to endure the pain once again. Nothing will vary. We are able to not be at rest up to i’ve wiped out every single one ones. So we need to kill the Demons! To guard our world!”
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